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Face Mask Voice Activated LED Smart Mask

  • The LED Smart Mask is a brand-new voice activated and simulates your mouth. The mask also smiles when you’re silent
  • Face Mask Includes: LED Panel with voice activated sensor, a micro usb rechargeable cable, and a face mask.
  • Elastic ear loops are adjustable to fit all sizes
  • Deluxe quality material that is breathable with a 4-way stretch to fit all types of faces


The JabberMask is voice activated, so it can mimic your mouth while speaking


The Smart Mask looks like a creative way to get around some of the communication barriers the world. We humans are expressive creatures, and without those friendly little smiles we throw at each other it’s easy to assume that everyone at the store actively hates you. A digital smile could go a long way.

Along with a smile, the JabberMask Pro can display different emojis, words or symbols using the app