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Smart Sensing Snake toy

Forget old-fashioned toys for cats. The smart sensing snakecat toy are a must-have for cat lovers! They use a smart design - the sensors inside track your pets every move, sending an automatic response to simulate play with you, its natural prey! It will stimulate your pet's senses and fill their life with meaningful interactions.

1. Turn on the switch S-type crawling. When encountering obstacles, the eyes will flash and will automatically turn back and turn, the tongue can be stretched, the tail swings, and it will enter the dormant state after playing continuously for about 1 minute. Tap the snake head to enter the playing state


2. Snake will fun for Halloween Christmas party tricks as a prankster, for everyone's sake as soon as you come up with a really good scheme

3. the realistic plastic body texture makes the 3D naja cobra snake toy look super lifelike; segmented body for excellent slithering action.Great fun for pets and children.


Charging instructions: The charging time is 40 minutes. Connect the USB to the charging port, when the red light flashes, it means charging