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Beaver Electric Ball

The Beaver Electric Ball is the toy that your dog or cat will love! 😍😍

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✨ Interactive toy that will give your furry friends entertainment for hours!

✨ The ball rolls in a random motion 🍀🍀🍀 stimulating the senses of your pet and holding his attention for hours.

Beaver Beaver Electric Ball


  • The motorized plastic ball rolls when it is on and the Beaver pursues it frantically.
  • Stimulates the the senses of your pet.
  • Prevents boredom and loneliness of your pet when you are away.
  • Prevents unwanted destructive behavior due to boredom or anxiety.
  • Helps to promote growth and development of your animals.
  • Ideal for low carpets or hardwood floors for optimal results and optimal battery consumption.

*2 AA Batteries not included