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Embroidery Pro™ - Perfect Embroidery

Make beautiful hand embroidery with our Embroidery Kit Pro - Incredible Embroidery ! It has been a great success among sewing and crafts lovers because it is extremely easy and practical to use. A magnificent work of art can be done with this embroidery kit!  

Now it is easy to create professional  designs with this Kit. With a beautiful piece of embroidery you will be successful in handicrafts and it can be applied to all types of fabrics, clothing, decorations and countless other possibilities. With Embroidery Pro - Incredible Embroidery you can do more, with less effort.

  • Handmade designs and custom crafts:  there are no limits to what you can create with this needle kit, can be used on pillows, rugs, wall decorations, ornaments and other decorations
  • Easy to use:  For beginners or professionals, just insert the thread and start embroidering.
  • Versatile:  comes with a head that allows you to fit a variety of needles and can be used with different thicknesses of thread, according to your need.
  • You can create the perfect embroidery easily

Material : Anticorrosive Metal
Pack size : 7.10x5.20 [cm]
Length :
Needles: 4.50 to 4.70 [cm]
Needle head: 13.10 [cm]
Package contents :

Needle kit 


As shown in picture

Complete Embroidery Kit

50x Colorful embroidery threads
5x Embroidery frames "
Cross stitch fabric 2x
9x needles
1x Box full of needles
1x Craft scissors
2x needle inserts
1x Thimble protector
1x Thread ripper
10x Thread wax
2x Needle threads