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Interior stylists can't stop talking about this unique lamp!

From reading a book to a cozy movie night, we wouldn't be anywhere in the dark without good lighting. However, lamps can also have limitations. Some lighting is too bright or not bright enough and most lamps are difficult to move . It is not without reason that interior stylists love the stylish versatility of Lampy.

The vintage look of a classic lantern and the luxurious twist of modern lighting make this practical lamp a feast for the eyes. But what makes Lampy really unique? That's wireless , lightweight & ultra-practical convenience! This way you can effortlessly move the lamp from room to room, to the garden or enjoy atmospheric light while camping.

"Practical, familiar & stylish, Lampy is always there for you!" 

Why you will find a Lampy in more and more households:

  Three  positions - Choose clear & modern or classic & atmospheric light thanks to the three positions that the Lampy can adopt. This way the stylish lamp fits into any interior at home and you can easily adjust the design when you need it. 

✓ Anytime, anywhere - Settle down on the couch with a rug and a book, relax over a romantic movie with your partner or enjoy endless conversations with friends on a balmy summer evening. Lampy provides the right lighting, without being dependent on a socket.

✓ Wireless & Rechargeable - No hassle with wiring, socket or loose batteries. With the supplied charger you can charge the lamp quickly and easily, so that you can count on the luxurious light beam of Lampy every evening.  

✓ Unique in Design & Quality - Only sturdy, high-quality and beautiful materials were used to make Lampy perform optimally in every way. The long lifespan, impressive light distribution and luxurious look make Lampy a favorite among interior stylists.

      Forget the loose flashlight, impractical reading lamp or too bright room lamp. Choose the advantages of Lampy today and experience your evenings more atmospheric, more comfortable and more stylish than ever!  

      Lampy Technical Specifications


      ABS + PC + Wood + Iron Plating
      1200 mAh lithium battery
      USB rechargeable
      Contakt Touch
      LED quantity 25 pieces
      Warm wit
      Input voltage
      DC 5V
      Dimensions 25cm x 15cm x 4cm
      Net weight



      Contents of the package:

      • 1x Lampy
      • 1x USB charging cable