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Magnetic Seam Guide ™

No matter how experienced you are: seams can be seriously intimidating. The Magnetic Seam Guide really does help. This high quality, strong, easy-to-use The Magnetic Seam Guide will ensure uniform seam width - at the click of its magnetic power.

  • Use on the metal throat plate of your sewing machine. 
  • The Magnetic Guide simply attaches to the plate to ensure uniform seam width. 
  • Guaranteed computerized sewing machine safe. Tried and tested!
  • Adjusts to any width, stays firmly in place when sewing, yet removes easily.
  • ... you can also use this handy tool for making pleats, how cool is that?
  • Will fit into the little tool basket that came with your sewing machine, or just store it right on your needle plate. (or on your fridge! ...just kidding :-)) 


★★★★★ I highly recommend this Grit Magnetic Seam Guide for beginners and experienced sewers. You won't be sorry you purchased it.Lee, 61, Sewing And Crafting For 33 years.