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Do you also hate taking out your sewing machine for a job that can be done in a matter of seconds?

Then the Mini Sewing Machine is going to make you very happy! 


Everyone knows what a hassle it is to free up workspace for your bulky heavy sewing machine for a 5-minute repair job ...

Whether it is for repairing or creating a hem, sewing up a pocket or similar jobs, making and packing your sewing machine quickly takes longer than the job itself.

As a solution we introduce this super handy tool !

The Mini Sewing Machine can be used for unimaginable jobs and is now your favorite device for quick repair jobs thanks to its compact size, light weight and maneuverability !

The device suitable for both beginners and advanced . With the Mini Sewing Machine, anyone can perform repair jobs.

Order it today and receive a whopping € 20 discount !

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  • Small, Handy, Lightweight and easy to carry
  • With power switch lock function
  • Adjustable tension for different fabrics
  • Replaceable needle
  • Rotatable wheel for manual sewing
  • Perfect for small repairs on location
  • Operates on 4 AA batteries (not included)
  • Format: 20x3x6.5
  • Ignition coil with needle and thread included