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Pimple Master removes annoying skin tags and moles  painlessly and permanently  !  

Hydrocolloid formulation penetrates to the root of the mole or skin mark, drawing  pus and impurities  straight from the source. A   natural, painless alternative   to frostbite and surgery. The patch triggers a flow of white blood cells to the spot and starts the healing process, leaving you with  smoother, blemish-free skin  !   





  • Quick and effective  :   Remove skin marks or moles   all over your body. Delivers fast results in just 3 days   (3-20 days, depending on each person). 
  • No Pain  :   Gives you the freedom to remove  all your moles or skin blemishes in the comfort of your home  . No more doctors, no more surgeries or hassle with insurance! 
  • 4X Fast-Healing  :   Hydrocolloid formula absorbs pus, fluids and impurities while activating white blood cells to heal the blemish. Wait for smoother and cleaner skin  ! 
  • Anti - inflammatory healing effect  :  Avoid direct contact with dirt , germs and bacteria during the healing process . 
  • Scar Free  :  Natural Tea Tree Wound Treatment  smoothes and repairs the skin,   preventing the formation of scabs, scars  and  even secondary infections  . 
  • 100% natural  :   our formula is  gentle on all skin types and can be used on the face and body  . 
  • Waterproof  :  Strong waterproof adhesive  keeps the spot completely dry and lasts   all day.
  • Invisible and breathable  :  transparent and thin layers   allow you to apply it 24/7 anytime, anywhere, even under makeup. 




  • Clean the wound and surrounding area, dry thoroughly.
  • Select the correct patch size.
  • Apply the patch to the mole or skin tag and press firmly around the edges.
  • Replace the patch as soon as it changes color to white.
  • Repeat step 4 until the wound has fully healed.