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Jewelry Making Deluxe Package

Are you creative and looking for a new challenge? 

Then make the most beautiful works of art with this deluxe set! Suitable for young and old  

The most beautiful jewelry to your taste

In this set you will find all the tools, molds and screw eyes you need. Add your own  favorite beads, plucked flowers, horse hair, pet hair or other unique accessories and create the most beautiful unique jewelry exactly to your taste! 

Package content (see photo below)

  • 15 Strong silicone molds: 
    - 3 large silicone molds for pendants
    - 1 diamond silicone mold for bracelet & ring
    - 5 elongated silicone molds
    - 4 various molds for earrings
    - 1 'globe' silicone mold 
  • 5 x Stir bar, spoon and pipette
  • 1 x Professional twist drill + 4 heads
  • 25 x Gold and silver screw eyes
  • 12 x Glitter powder sequin
With this deluxe package you can make nice jewelry. What is in it can be seen in the photo above (package content). This way you will soon have unique jewelry for yourself or a friend. 

Once cured it is safe to wear for both humans and animals. 

Unleash your creativity and enjoy! 

    • Stop looking for all the loose parts you need. That seems cheap, but it is expensive. 
    • You make the most beautiful jewelry with these tools and molds. Add to this your own flowers,  milk teeth, your animal's hair, ashes or whatever you want.